Valley EP

by The Neighborhood Watch

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released July 28, 2015

The Neighborhood Watch is:
Quinn Briceno - guitar
Jack Doheny - bass guitar
Joey Willey - drums

All music written and performed by TNW.

Group vocals by TNW, Joshua Milligan, and Josh Collins.
Spoken word on "Fog" by Joshua Milligan and Joey Willey.
Violin on "Mountain" by Amy Lickenbrock.
Additional group vocals on "Parkridge" by Amy Lickenbrock.
Additional group vocals on "Mountain" by Amy Lickenbrock, Dalyn Dougherty, and Aaron McBaker.

"Geyser" by Quinn Briceno and Joey Willey.
"Parkridge" by Quinn Briceno.
"Fog" by Joshua Milligan and Joey Willey.
"Mountain" by Joey Willey.

Recorded and mixed by Aaron McBaker and Josh Collins.
Produced by Josh Collins.



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The Neighborhood Watch

Math rock trio hailing from St. Louis, MO. We tap, we slap, we rock. A lot.

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Track Name: Volcán
Track Name: Geyser
I'm a sucker for the sunlight
See me out with the sunrise

This crucible entangles me (Get me out alive!)
The behemoth is my shadow (Get me out alive!)
Threatens my rationality (Get me out in time!)
Put a blade in its brain, rekindle my mind
Get me out alive!
Track Name: Parkridge
Hold on just a little longer

Tell me a story
So I can sleep
Tell us a story
Put our minds at ease
Track Name: Fog
I'm a cliché filled with love and self-hate with an unkempt bow on top.
I can't find the right lines to make me realize that this life truly is and only is mine.
I'm scared that those that pity me will forever be my legacy.
I'm scared that every day my blue skies turn to grey and I'm scared that you're going to end up like me.
I know you never actually got to say whether or not you wanted to be here
But it's what you got, so give it your all, it's all you got
Give it your all, it's all you got.

Remember the good days, and cherish them your whole life.
Remember the bad days, they molded you into who you are.
Remember to smile when times are tough.
Remember who you want to be when it seems like you've lost sight of yourself.
Remember to write, so when you're gone, your thoughts remain.
Remember you are always part of something bigger than yourself.

Remember that you can be like time (Remember that I can be like time)
And time is infinite (and time is infinite)
Remember (remember) that you can be like time (that I can be like time)
And time (and time) is infinite!
Track Name: Mountain
I don't know what it'll take to get back to you,
All I know is I don't want this feeling for you to pale.
These mountains will mentor me down these winding trails
So I'll carve my own path 'til I'm on the same track as you.

I'm unconvinced that I'll persevere alone,
So I'll try to get by 'til I'm feeling alive with you
These mountains, they seem like they will never cease
So I'll bide all my time 'til I collide with you.

I'm on the same track as you, until I collide with you.